How to: Install a 3G 130 amp Alternator in your 5.0 Mustang

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Feel free to add to this. I'd like to start a thread on the ever-popular Fox Body upgrade to a 3G alternator. There are a couple of cars you can pull these from. They were standard on all 94 and 95 Mustangs, and continued on until 2000 on the 3.8 liter Mustangs. They can also be used off of 94-97 T-Birds and Cougars with the 3.8 liter as well. There are some Tauri that have an alternator that will fit, but the voltage regulator is clocked poorly for a Mustang. REMEMBER TO PULL THE HARNESS WITH THE ALTERNATOR.

Use of a junkyard alternator will also require a different bolt, and a nut for the top alternator bolt. On the Fox, the alternator is threaded. On the SN95/New Edge bracket, it bracket is threaded. There is also a modification needed to the alternator bracket. I did mine with a dremel. Here is the issue, and resolve:

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